Location, location, location

September 13, 2010

A reoccurring thought recently has been that old realtor’s mantra “Location, Location, Location”. A tremendous amount of regulation is likely to be simply the process of controlled localization. This is an old mantra in biochemistry where reaction rates can be changed by simply changing the concentrations of either reactants, products or enzyme to drive the reaction in a suitable direction. The cell takes advantage of this in localizing some reactions to particular organelles. But there is reason to believe that localization effects drive much more than just the metabolism of the cell.

For example, transcription factors can be localized to the nucleus or cytoplasm by phosphorlyation state (Pho4 for example). Messages can be localized within the cell by ribosomal binding proteins and information encoded in their 3′ UTRs.

How do we best study localization?


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