2013 Summer Journal Club in the Dowell Lab

August 23, 2013

Guest post By Justin Freeman

This summer, the Dowell Lab continued its annual tradition of temporarily converting our standing lab meeting into a weekly journal club. Lab members took turns selecting papers they found interesting, controversial, or particularly relevant and assigned them for weekly reading. Given our diverse backgrounds and research interests, we read pretty widely this summer. Topics ranged from stickleback evolution to mathematical models for quantifying RNA-seq data. Here’s what we read, discussed, and sometimes argued about…
We hope you enjoy these papers as much as we did!

Mouse genomic variation and its effect on phenotypes and gene regulation
Statistical inferences for isoform expression in RNA-Seq
CRISPR-Mediated Modular RNA-Guided Regulation of Transcription in Eukaryotes
Translating dosage compensation to trisomy 21
A ncRNA Modulates Histone Modification and mRNA Induction in the Yeast GAL Gene Cluster
The Evolution of Lineage-Specific Regulatory Activities in the Human Embryonic Limb
The Genomic Basis of Adaptive Evolution in Threespine Sticklebacks
Functional Roles of Enhancer RNAs for Oestrogen-Dependent Transcriptional Activation
Genome-Wide Analysis of in vivo Translation with Nucleotide Resolution Using Ribosome Profiling
Extensive Transcriptional Heterogeneity Revealed by Isoform Profiling


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