Starting the new year off right …

March 6, 2017

Well, we’re happy to announce:

  1. The Lladser paper is now in print:  M.E. Lladser, J.G. Azofeifa, M.A. Allen, R.D. Dowell. Journal of Mathematical Biology 74:77 (2017).
  2. The Tfit paper — describing our mixture model for nascent transcription data is now in print: J.G. Azofeifa and R.D. Dowell. Bioinformatics 33(2):227-234 (2017).
  3. A recently accepted paper on calculating heritability from high throughput sequencing data is now out:  P. Rudra, W. J. Shi, B. Vestal, P.H. Russell, A. Odell, R.D. Dowell, R.A. Radcliffe, L.M. Saba and K. Kechris. BMC Bioinformatics 18:143 (2017).

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