Annual Short Read Workshop!

June 16, 2017

For several years we have run an annual short read analysis workshop.  This year the Workshop runs July 10-July 21.  Please register now if interested in attending!

The goal of this workshop is to teach the fundamental computational skills necessary for many short read sequencing analyses. In the first five days of this course participants will learn basic Unix/Linux, how to use large compute servers, sequencing read quality control, and read mapping. In the second week we will cover the basic fundamentals of commonly used genomic short read sequencing approaches including basic pipelines for genome re-sequencing, ChIP-Seq and differential expression for RNA-Seq. Our goal is to provide the basic skills necessary for participants to be enabled to learn how to analyze their own data after the course (though some self-study after the course will be necessary).

The format of this course is reverse classroom. Attendees will be asked to watch video lectures outside of class. During classroom time (9am to noon daily) attendees will be working through example analysis. In addition, each day we will provide attendees with homework activities that they will need to complete before the next day’s classroom time. Help sessions will be available each afternoon.


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